Because you will be found

One of the inspirations for this page, Dear Evan Hansen and this song You Will Be Found, has made me smile, feel empowered, and brought me to heaving, sobbing tears. Dear Even Hansen is a Broadway musical about a high school student that commits suicide because he does not fit in. When I was in …

Because we all need a light in the darkness

The darkness sucks. If you have ever dealt with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, melancholy, bad vibes, or whatever you want to call it, then you have danced with the darkness. It can be an all-consuming blanket that smothers the days, weeks, months, and sometimes years that make up our lives. Perhaps, it is just a passing thought that is fleeting but leaves a haunting stain on your soul. Or the bastard digs its claws in and stays a good long while even if you don’t want it to, like a visiting mother-in-law. Any way you slice it, the darkness sucks. And I am tired of it in my life!