Mother and Baby Elephant

Because nature is beautiful

I found this picture of a baby and mother elephant playing in the dirt. It made me smile, so I thought I would share the smile. Life is beautiful if we stop and look around every once in awhile!

(c) Andrew Suryono, Indonesia, Entry, Nature and Wildlife Category, Open Competition, 2015 Sony World Photography Awards Image title: Orangutan in The RainImage description: I was taking pictures of some Orangutans in Bali and then it started to rain. Just before I put my camera away, I saw this Orangutan took a banana leaf and put it on top on his head to protect himself from the rain! I immediately used my DSLR and telephoto lens to preserve this magic moment. Image location: Bali, Indonesia

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this photo! Rain falls on all of our lives. Do we sit there and get wet…which can be just as fun, or grab a leaf and call it good!

And finally for this wonderful world we live in, this beautiful forest scene.

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