Single candle on dark background. Memory calm glow light closeup

Because we all need a light in the darkness

The darkness sucks. If you have ever dealt with self-doubt, anxiety, depression, melancholy, bad vibes, or whatever you want to call it, then you have danced with the darkness. It can be an all-consuming blanket that smothers the days, weeks, months, and sometimes years that make up our lives. Perhaps, it is just a passing thought that is fleeting but leaves a haunting stain on your soul. Or the bastard digs its claws in and stays a good long while even if you don’t want it to, like a visiting mother-in-law. Any way you slice it, the darkness sucks. And I am tired of it in my life!

I have danced with the darkness many times, and it is in those times that I needed….something or someone. I needed them to shake the hell out of me and wake me up. I needed to know that even though the darkness slung me from this end to that on the dancefloor of life, I ALWAYS had the strength to take the lead…whether I knew it or not at the time.

I hope that this site will be that “someone” or “something” that will hold a small candle in that gloom and help you ignite it into a blazing star that can lift each and every one of us to where we should be in our lives. Each day, I will share something, a video of puppies, a quote from the Dalai Lama, a thought that I wrote myself, whatever. It is my sincerest hope that it brings that light to someone, including myself!

Today is my 110th day without a job from being laid off due to COVID-19 and I am f*$&%#@ tired of the darkness.

And so I take hold of the light!

My love to you all! Namaste!

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