This page was inspired by two sources really. The first was Lin-Manuel Miranda’s book, Gmorning, Gnight! Little Pep Talks for Me & You. He wrote this after having his twitter account go viral on his messages to himself and perhaps others.

Gmorning Gnight cover
Gmorning Gnight cover

The second is the Broadway show Dear Evan Hansen, which I talk about in my post You will be found. Both are bright spots in, what I call, the darkness.

So what is this “darkness” you talk about? The darkness is that negative cloud that hangs over our heads from time to time. For some of us, it is a permanent fixture in our lives. It lives by many names and all of them SUCK! Be it named depression, melancholy, sorrow, gloom, doom, sadness, self-hate, self-doubt, or whatever. It can grab ahold of us and cause us to do really dumb things in just lashing out at it to try to take back the control over our lives.

I have battled it several times in my life. I have been diagnosed as having depression. I have used prescription medications to help fight it. The one thing that I have found that really helps me is getting into the right mindset, which is why I loved Lin-Manuel’s books so much. He is amazing at pointing out that we F up and are still wonderful beings all in a few lines.

I am currently unemployed due to COVID-19 and have been searching for a job for near four months as I type this sentence. The darkness loves to F with me.

“You will never find a job!”
“You are a phony and people know it”
“You didn’t get your degree and now it is costing you”
“You are letting your daughter down”
“Give up on your dreams and go dig a ditch or something”

And the bullshit just keeps piling on. If…I…Let…It! And that my loves is the key. IF I LET IT!!!!! That is the reason for this site in its heart. It is me scraping off the heaps of negative crap my brain tries to pile on top of me to smother me out. This site is me fighting back. This site is a love letter to me and a big finger to the darkness. It is messages that I need to hear and perhaps, just perhaps, someone else may need it as well.

With all my love. Namaste!